1.6 Three’s a Family

Grayson Apocalypse 1-6

Generation One: Chad’s Story

As wonderful as that stolen day of romance was we couldn’t stay lost forever, so the next morning we came back home to our home in the Valley. After I had reported in Rissa asked me to go meet with Jason Candlewell, a member of the military science unit, and get the latest news. I caught up with him at the library, and he gave me the latest update on the power plant they’ve been working on. It’s still going to be awhile, but progress is steady. He also said that they’ve acquired another tanker truck for hauling fuel, and have been working with a nearby town that has a refinery for keeping a good supply of gas and oil flowing. We probably won’t see it, but our kids or grandkids could possibly have electricity one day. (And for some strange reason Jason doesn’t seem all that fond of me, but we’ve never had words or anything, I wonder what’s up with that? His wife is a lovely woman, I interviewed her a while back.) Continue reading

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Still kicking!

Yes, I am still here, just have been very busy! Between my son being home for the summer, stuff with my daughter, and uh, other stuff **cough** Diablo 2, Harry Potter fanfic, watching all two and a half seasons of Falling Skies (which OMG- go watch this if you haven’t, it’s fabulous), **cough** and a few other things like work, eating, sleeping AND test-playing a family with Generations to see all the new things and how they work… well, I’ve been busy. (Note: shower woohoo without the censer is very disturbing, unless my female sims are packing some equipment that most females shouldn’t have. I’m just saying.) But sometime within a week or so I should have about 4-6 chapters ready to go, time permitting.

And I have got a lot of great stuff to read that I’ve missed in the last..month? How did I miss more than a month? I will be looking over my reading list and catching up on it too. So much fun, so little time! Has anyone else been watching Falling Skies? An apocalypse caused by an alien invasion, it is really good. I don’t watch TV, the last show I watched on TV was Stargate Atlantis back in ? 2004? 2005? My mom finally convinced me I’d like this so I gave it a whirl, and she was correct, I LOVE it! But now I’m all caught up and have to wait for Sundays for new episodes, darn it! Anywhoo, I’ll be commenting like crazy over the next few days, hope everyone is having their own bunch of fun this summer!

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1.5 Two’s Company BTS

Grayson Apocalypse 1-5 Behind The Scenes

Generation One: Chad’s Story

Ho-kay, this is kinda long so get ready! Things are scooting right along for my baby. But, well, I had a bit of a drama (for me) going on starting here. It was Monday in sim land, and Chad reached level 8. So on Tuesday he almost filled his bar again, just a smidge more and he would have made it. I wanted to invite Tahiya over, but when you invite sims from foreign countries you have to be there the next day at 9:00 am to greet them or they’ll just go back home. Chad’s off days are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. So if I invited her Tuesday she’d show up Wednesday morning. Perfect, right? But, I can’t move anyone in until I’ve reached level 10. So I’m thinking: do ‘guests’ count against moving in? Continue reading

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1.5 Two’s Company

Grayson Apocalypse 1-5

Generation One: Chad’s Story

Well, it’s been a few days since I wrote in this thing. A lot of stuff has been happening so fast. Hmm, the last time I wrote was when I got word Tahiya was coming to visit. I had written to her, and even talked on the ham radio a few times, and I couldn’t wait for her to get here. One evening at work me and the guys (and gals) were having a little friendly poker game before we called it quits for the day. Marissa walked by and got my attention. She told me she wanted to talk to me after work, she’d be by around seven at my place. This had me a little worried, I couldn’t think of anything she wouldn’t want to talk about at work except about Tahiya.

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Technical question

Hey my fellow simmers, I have questions I think you can help with. I run sims 3 in Windows 7, full screen. How do I take pics of the ‘interface’ and the pop-ups about info and opps and things? What do you use? I’m thinking I looked this up awhile back and there was something about running the game in ‘windowed’ mode? Do I have to be running the game windowed to use a program to take pics? I use the in-game camera to take my pics, is there something easier or better to use? I think I also remember reading that windowed mode was harder on a computer’s system than full screen mode, but I am used to being wrong about such things.  🙂

So, give me the scoop on your super-sekret picture taking abilities, pretty please!

Thanks, Christina


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1.4 Out of the Blue BTS

Grayson Apocalypse 1-4 Behind The Scenes

Generation One: Chad’s Story

Well things are speeding right along now. Chad is getting up in his career, and I’ve started looking a bit harder for his ladylove. Audrey and Quinn are from another apoc story I’ve done, Quinn was 2nd generation. I was trying to follow the Apocalypse Challenge Wiki rules, and I just couldn’t keep them. So I started this one after thinking about what I did and didn’t like about the rules, and came up with something a little easier and more fun for me to play.

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1.4 Out of the Blue

Grayson Apocalypse 1-4

Generation One: Chad’s Story

Well, life just keeps moving on, day by day. Aren is back on the job with me, and we (the police force) are keeping up with our on the job training. As I’ve mentioned we are doing reports on all our citizens, since most old records are gone. We’re also keeping in shape to protect our town, exchanging information with other near-by towns to keep communications alive, and we use police headquarters as a community check-point, especially for large groups going out. We are all still keeping to a curfew, but we can see the end of that on the way. It was mainly for protection, and the city streets are much better now.

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